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A parents guide to coping with 11plus coaching


How can you help your child on the 11+ Journey?

The answer to the above is quite simple. As a parent myself who has just completed the 11+ journey I completely understand what,how and when you need to do, in preparation for the 11+ exams.One of the important factors that would considerately benefit your child is planning.

Plan in advance. As obvious as it may seem, planning is crucial.Preparation for 11+ exams can start in year 4 and even start in year 5 . Cramming in too much information too late on in the day doesn’t help your child.

Start off with finding out where your child’s strengths lie and what they need to improve on.Parents evening will be a good indication of this, where teachers can give you an insight in what you need to know. Understanding the foundations of the subject is just as important as practicing exams questions. If your child doesn’t perform well in a given subject, change the way he is learning that particular topic.

Practice written past exam papers in all subject areas relevant to the school, for example maths,english writing/ comprehension, verbal and non verbal papers this allows them to understand the format of the exam and understand what format the papers will be in.

Remember its not just about planning academically, its also about training the mind or even perhaps reinforcing the mind that you can achieve the goal- of passing the exams. Confidence is a great tool and the more your child feels confident, the easier and more relaxed the 11 plus journey will become for the both of you.Confidence will automatically shine from within them. Remember confidence is not something you can give to some one. Yes you can help your child feel confident by giving them positive feedback and praising them ,at the same it is a feeling that has to come from within the child in order for the child to reach their full potential.

From my own personal experience, the number of times I had heard parents say, “the 11+ plus is such a stressful time” . I found the whole journey stress free and remember the more you are relaxed the more your child is relaxed. Children pick up on parents concerns and its important not to display these. So as an overview below is a quick guide.

  • Plan
  • Prep
  • Fous

Manage yourself


Manage your child’s