11plus Coaching

About us

11plus Coaching co-founded in 2014 by Shelly Vasdev, a specialist life skills coach for children. Helping children get from where they are to where they want to be. Developing on their existing strengths and taking steps to develop their weaknesses.

As a parent herself and also having been through the 11 plus journey with her child she completely understands the need for strategies,techniques,skills required by the child to support them in passing the 11 plus exams.The experience alone as a parent has helped me help other parents.

Having been on the 11 plus journey it provides you with a valuable insight into what to expect as a parent from the school and allows you to also understand the journey the child takes. It probably is the most stressful time parents find themselves in during the course of primary school. Although it doesn’t have to be like this and as a parent I was not phased by this journey.

The Approach

What is 11 plus coaching? -It is about training the mind to develop skills, to learn techniques and strategies which your child can apply at school, in preparation for the 11 plus and use in the exams. As a result of the coaching your child succeeds in passing the 11 plus exams.

The coaching is based on an Amercian concept called NLP which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. What what does NLP stand for:

Neuro- refers to our mind
Linguistic- is about the language we use to express ourselves
Programming- is about patterns of our behaviour,habits and the way we behave.

The mind is extremely powerful and we all have the ability to successed we just need to know how. By simply looking at the principles of NLP you start to understand things differently and learn that you can achieve.

The ethos and approach we take at 11 plus coaching is understanding every child is different and we know how we can help you and your child. It is all about empowering children with life skills and techniques to help them create positive change.You have enough to deal with with the demands of day to day life and let us take the pressure off you as you simply see your child develop and change. The workshops,individual sessions and workbooks are tailored towards your childs specific needs. Stimulating the childs mind and providing them with a set of tools.

I first stubbled across NLP Coaching 4 years ago with a vested interested I decided to purse further and once a NLP master prac and master coach along with hypnosis and a parent i was able to combine all my strengths together to be able to coach children.

Teaching is very flexiable and what maters the most is I myself understand how to engage with children. I understand that each childs learning style will be a combination of visual,kinaesthetic and audio.

Not every child is the same and you can’t fit a square shape through a circle what you can do is equip your child with what they need in order to sucessed

The outcome the child takes small steps and learns of their capabilities over time and understands that is one child can do it so can they.

Confident Children

Even if you feel your child is extremely confident and very intelligent there is always room for developing and further enchanting their skills that wants set them apart from other children when be considered for a place at secondary school. Its about how your child is different and what they can bring to the school.

Its quite simple and yet very effective. We automatically take in information without realising and thats why with children at the age of 11 years and younger their minds are still wet sponges and even if they think they are not learning there really are and it can be in a fun way.