What is the 11plus ?

In year 6 of primary school your child may have to sit exams and pass them in order to get a place at the desired secondary school. In most cases through out the U.K the number of children sitting the exam will always supersede the number of places available at the school whether this be a state school or a private school. The schools will have a procedure they follow for selecting the candidates for year 7 and this will vary between schools. Candidates are selected based on how well they perform in the 11 plus exams and in addition to this some schools ask that the child comes in for a very short interview. Generally the exams will consist of a maths paper which will have maths arthemtic questions along with problem solving questions, english comprising of a comprehension,verbal reasoning and perhaps a piece of creative writing. Some schools do set non verbal papers as well. So its not just about the child passing the exams its also about getting high marks and performing well in the interview, so the child is successful. The above applies for both state and private schools. Most children tend to sit more than one exam so they have a back up plan should the child not get a place at the school of their choice. It can be a concerning time for parents as they await the results of the exams. Once the results are posted out the parents then if their chid have been successful in passing the exams for more than 1 school have to make the choice, of which school they want to select for the child.

Timed exams

The exams are timed and it is about working through a pace in order to complete the paper on time being both calm and collective so the nerves do not get the better of you. At the same time a positive attitude and confidence plays an integral part. Parents tend to invest a lot of money in tutors and mock exam practice. At the end of the day you are helping your child pass the exams and achieve their goal. You can support your child in more than 1 way as we know academic tutoring is works. What if you knew that your child could develop confidence, learn new ways to tackle questions and have greater communication skills. This would certainly benefit your child long term.

Even if your child is bright and you get great school reports you know yourself as a parent that the school are still going to select based on the best marks. Thats why there is a new trend in mind coaching.