The 11+ Journey

11+ Coaching
The 11+ Coaching Journey

As a parent we are bombarded with news, articles and information regarding the 11+. Even though we have all this information, sometimes we still feel concerned that our child has to sit an exam. A great time to prepare children for the exams is one year in advance generally in year 5 investing in tutors,sitting mock exams and revisting past papers. This is both a valuable and a great strategy to approach the 11 plus based on the saying, ” practice makes perfect”.Also at this moment in time parents tend to focus purely on academic coaching alone.

We all know it isn’t just about how intelligent your child is, it is how they preform on the day that counts and how the interview goes, in order for them to get a place into their desired next secondary school. There nerves make get the better of them, they may feel overwhelmed by the whole exam experience.Quite often you hear parents taking children out of school in year 3 and applying to the junior section of the secondary school so that do not have to sit the 11+ exams as they feel they would not perform or wouldn’t like to go down the 11 plus journey. Children also may be at a disadvantage if they attend a state school as they may not complete past papers or focus on the techniques of sitting exams.

Would you consider life skill coaching for your child to perhaps enhance confidence, create self belief, further develop concentration skills and help them in coping with the demands of the 11+ in order to perform better in tests and the exams. It is known that a child’s confidence plays an integral role in how they perform in and outside of school which will allow them to seek better opportunities in life. The benefits of coaching will allow your child to open up their mind and realise their full potential. The additional benefit is the skills and tools learnt through coaching at a young age can be taken into adulthood.

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