11plus Coaching


Kids coaching is about empowering children with skills and techniques to help them pass the 11 plus with ease. The journey can be challenging and you may not have the time to sit down with your child to help them. The teaching style at 11 plus coaching will help to further enhance and develop your child’s memory,focus,concentration and skills which they can continue to use in childhood when revising for future exams. Which will benefit them tremendously. It is a life time investment.

Not only will coaching allow your child to progress further it will also allow your child to explore ideas which once perhaps they would of seen as daunting or unachievable. Help  transform your child’s perception of life to release their full potential.

Whether its a problem your child faces or a goal your child has, one-to-one coaching can help your child succeed, thrive and develop emotional well being. Imagine how great it would be if you could change something you were not happy with and make change now.

Life Time Investment

Coaching is a life time investment and most beneficial when exposed to at childhood. At Reach For The Stars UK, coaching empowers children with confidence, builds on self esteem, aids with developing concentration skills which help children focus more in the classroom/outside school and much more. As children face many challenges every day whether its managing emotions,easing the transition from primary school to secondary school, preparation for the 11+ to increasing their confidence, coaching is a tool that can help enhance the child’s existing skills and develop them further or to develop a completely new range of skills. Once the child has gained the knowledge and confidence this then empowers them to believe in them self, which allows them to seek opportunities which once seemed unachieveable. The strategies that are learnt through coaching as a child, will become inaite and can be applied to everyday life as a child and as an adulthood truly a life time investment.