11 + Coaching

Children’s Coaching Options- Tailoring the workshop/individual session to meet your child’s specific needs and requirements for the 11 plus journey.

  • Group workshops programme
  • One to one Coaching
  • Skype
  • Hypnosis
  • Mentoring Programme

Group Workshops

There are many reasons why group workshops are very popular. The practical and hands on approach ensures that the children are learning without realising and learning is fun in a relaxed evironment. Children love to learn in groups and learn off each other.

Its important that your child feels comfortable and as part of a group they would be soon interacting with the other children this in its self is a learning activity.By combining a group of children together the same age they all soon engaged and the children are sure to enjoy. The rapport is easily built and children soon find themselves opening up about what they would like help with.From past experience the mixture of confident and not so confident children has left them all intrigued.

Workshop Objectives

Workshops are inspiring. The format of the workshop is to open with a few ice breakers and the session lasts around 1 hour. During this time the children will carry out activities and fill out worksheets. At the end if the child is attending another workshop homework will be set.Whether your child comes for 1 session or many what your child experiences through the course of the workshop/series of workshops he/she, would of certainly learnt something that would be kept for the preparation of the 11 plus exams.

An example of workshops Available 

Understand and learn what NLP is about and how it can help you through the 11 plus.

Strategy to build concentration

Learn how to develop focusing skills

Learn how to manage emotions and be calm for the exams

Develop and enhance communication skills

Interview techniques and practice, practical tips and advice

How to set a Goal and achieve it.

If you decide you would like your child to attend a series of workshops you will receive a mini progress report at the end of the last session with feedback and most importantly you will begin to see gradual changes in your child’s behaviour and performance.

One to one Coaching– Can cover any of the above and more. If you have a concern which is not listed above please email or call thanks. Sometime one to one coaching is right for your child as they feel comfortable with this and perhaps the concern you have is not to be shared. After a few one to ones your child can then can move onto group workshops if you wish to choose this option.

Skype- Personal coaching from your computer. This works well when time is an issue and its too far to travel. The same content can be covered in this manner.

Individual hypnosis sessions for children and parents.Simple ,effective and at the same time great results.

Hypnosis is a very powerful , dynamic and versatile tool to help you bypass the conscious mind and create change unconsciously. It’s about being in control and a relaxed state so you can absorb all the positive language. This technique is great for children as they are like wet sponges and soak up information very quickly.

Mentoring programme- If you feel you would like your child to be coached for a set period of time regular sessions can be booked in. Its great ongoing support during the 11 plus and from the transit from primary school to secondary school.

How to book?

For more information please call today on 0161 207 2012 or alternatively email us at enquiries@11pluscoaching.co.uk and we will be happy to check availability and organise your booking.

Parent’s coaching

How can we help you. Imagine if you could educate yourself as a parent,understand and be aware on how your behaviour and language can have an impact on your child’s life.

As parents we are role models for our children.
All behaviour is learnt and habits are easily created.
We can transform and improve our relationship with our children simply by changing the language we use and the way in which we speak to get results.
The workshop is designed to help you the parent learn the skills and techniques to apply in your day to day life. For a happier and more calming environment at home. It is important to step out of ourselves and see the model of the world through our child’s eyes in order to engage with them and relate to them more effectively. If you were aware how language can effect your childs behaviour would you want to learn more….

Here is an example of what you would learn from individual parent’s workshops

Language we should not use with children

Language we could use to motivate our children and how we can change what we say to get the result we want

How to manage our emotions when faced with problems

Giving children feedback

Understanding how your child likes to receive feedback

Understanding how your child likes to learn

Parents 11 plus resource guide for £10.99

Sign up for monthly activities worksheets for £

Personal action plan/Time table to stick to, due to run up to the exams

e learning support available