11plus Coaching

Why coaching works ?

The coaching itself is a journey, the child starts off to learn basic principles. This allows them to open up their mind. What they are learning is positive they become curious and will ask lots of questions. What they learn gives them an insight and knowledge that other children do not have. As a result children apply what they have learnt as many of the tasks/activties the children carry out within the coaching workshops or one to one sessions become techniques and strategies which become innate. An activity they considered once as a mammoth task soon becomes easy.

Coaching is effective, it allows child to deal with classroom academic issues and concerns that are stopping them from achieving the results. You may have heard the phrase children are like wet sponges- which they are. Children learn all the time whether its at school,watching tv listening to music. Also if one child can learn so can another child. We all have the ability and sometimes we have to set out of our comfort zone. There are different ways of learning and we all tend to learn through 3 basic ways Visually,audio and kinaesthetic. Generally children/adults use one of these learning methods more prominently than the others.

Visual- like to learn through reading making constant revision notes until they have memorised the information
Kinesthetic- like to be more interactive with learning and an example of this can be through solving a maths question by simply using tools to help them.
Audio- children like to listen and may not take as many notes and once given an instruction have memorised it. Please see below the links to find out more information about these learning styles.

When we find out which is your child’s preferred learning style we can then motivate them in which area/subject they need it in. The outcome children develop aspirations. The children inturn start to set goals and achieving matters.

As a parent myself

I have first hand experience of what the 11 plus journey is like which is very valuable. Also I understand about stepping out of my shoes and seeing the world through my child’s eyes something that most parents find difficult to do.

The valuable resources and great insight into how the mind works allows the child to learn and as a result the child can change habits and create new skills to benefit them. Learning how to build confidence and communication skills is fun and children do enjoy.

We learn what motivates children and there will be different strategies for all children. All kids can learn its about identifying your child’s preferred method of learning. Also children start to perform better academically with support and once they know about strategies and techniques they can apply them without realising.

If your child has a tutor and you feel they are not performing you are parting with a lot of money for very little result. So make change now.

Listed below are a just a handful of benefits of 11plus coaching:

  • Inspires children to build inner confidence
  • Develop communication skills
  • Children create emotional well being,self motivation
  • Aspire to challenges
  • Develop self awareness
  • Learn how your child learns best
  • Develop skills like focus
  • Its about personal growth which doesn’t have to start when your an adult.