How to empower your child with positive 11+ coaching and learning techniques

Education is one of the greatest gifts with which you can provide your child.  Knowledge is power, and having the knowledge and power to succeed means you are ensuring your child follows the right path in life.

However, everyone is unique.  And just as our personalities are completely individual, so are our learning styles.  Some children learn through visual means, others through written form or explanation.  So what works for one child will not necessarily work for another.  Even the simplest of tasks can seem complicated if they’re not explained or demonstrated correctly.

Putting your trust and faith in a teacher to provide your child with the grounding they deserve is only natural.  And yes, in many cases primary school teaching covers the essential elements your child requires.  However, with varying learning styles at the forefront of your mind, it’s understandable that you may feel there’s a very large difference between your child just ‘doing well’ and ‘really flourishing’.  That’s why in order for your child to truly succeed both at school, and in life, it’s important to provide them with an arsenal of learning tools which they can put into action, and use to their advantage.

Unfortunately, despite Ofsted inspection outcomes, grades and previous students’ achievements, many schools only offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning, and teachers teach according to their personal preferences.  Whilst this works for some children, the majority may sink despite their best efforts to keep their heads above water.  As children with greater levels of confidence are happy to put their hands up and speak out, many children who are more timid in nature will be reticent and so go unheard in the classroom.  Sadly, this reticence is often misconstrued by many teachers, and so begins a vicious circle of ‘could do better’.

That’s why at 11+ Coaching in Manchester we believe that in order for your child to get from where they are, to where they want to be, they need so much more than just education.  Yes, education is essential, and a proficient understanding of maths and English is undoubtedly a vital foundation.  However, we also place equal emphasis on the route they take to learning all that they need to know.

Enjoying improved confidence levels, as well as feeling empowered with the essential skills and learning techniques in order to ensure maximum understanding is critical to your child’s future.  And that’s why 11+ Coaching in Manchester is proving one of the UK’s most trusted 11+ coaching resources.

So, how do you empower your child with positive 11+ coaching and learning techniques?

Passing the 11-plus exam is a nerve-racking and anxious time for both parents and children alike.  It’s probably the first time your child has been exposed to an exam scenario, and that in itself can be incredibly daunting – let alone the rigors of the exam questions and the serious environment.  So preparing your child not only for what the exam entails, but also to have the confidence to answer questions with conviction, as well as enjoying the skills and techniques to feel self-assured and in control, is of paramount importance.

At 11+ Coaching in Manchester, we base our coaching systems on an American concept called Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short.Neuro refers to our mind, Linguisitic the language we use and programming is about of patterns of behaviour.  Our mind absorbs a vast amount of information every day (approximately 11 million pieces of information every second), and it shapes who we are and what we become.

Many coaching and learning companies focus solely on past exam papers, which is fine.  However, whilst we do spend time concentrating on the key subjects, we also focus intently on developing confidence levels, communication skills, and pushing your child out of their comfort zone so that they expand their mind ready to absorb more essential information.  It is guaranteed that your child’s maths and English skills will improve through working with them to find the right learning methods and strategies.

Confidence, communication skills and self-assurance are crucial attributes which will set your child apart as they grow through life.  Whether it’s securing a university place or a good job, a combination of academic qualifications with an open and confident personality, as well as excellent interpersonal skills, is without doubt the essential mix.

That’s why at 11+ Coaching in Manchester, we do things differently.  There’s no such thing as failure – but there is positive feedback.  And so we use positive feedback, positive affirmations, and positive thinking to open your child’s mind to growing, developing and learning.

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