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We all have the ability to learn and we all learn differently. We use our senses to learn and feeling/kinaesthetic is one of these senses. Children will use all of their senses to learn i.e feeling,looking,listening,tasting and smell and will tend to have a preferred sense they use more of when learning. So in this context I will refer to the sense of feeling as “Kinaesthetic”.

Traits of Kinaesthetic Children

Kinaesthetic children tend to like to be hands on, free with their emotions and like to perform. Probably not have as much spatial awareness. If we took a simple task like building a toy out of lego a child who is highly kinaesthetic will love to get straight into building the toy and perhaps skim read the instruction. He/She would love to touch the lego and once the toy is built feel what they have accomplished. In class if your child is in a science lesson and listening to a teacher they may loose focus and this can be due to the fact that they are not engaging with the teacher as they do not like to learn through constant listening. However, as soon as the teacher says right lets carry out a science experiment the child then starts to engage as they they enjoy carrying out activities as opposed to listening. You would have noticed yourself that your child likes to learn this way. Its great to be able to have a great preferred way of learning that the child enjoys and perhaps even better to use more of the other senses as well.

You also may of heard your child speak more of the words “I feel… “, “When I touch” “I need to get a hold of”

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